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A Novel "Arise From the Dust"
based on the Taylor Family
written by a Taylor Family member.

This historical fiction novel now published on Amazon (ebook, paperback) centers on the Taylor family (1838-1863). It centers on a fictional son of Joseph Taylor named Myscal Taylor. He is called on a mission to England in 1863. On the way there, he stops in Indiana to visit is mother's father (Mary Moore's father). A few minor facts have been changed (Mary Moore is from Ohio, not Indiana). Her father is a preacher antagonistic to the LDS faith. The primary character, Myscal, is then fraudulently conscripted into the Union army against his will. This is the first novel of a series which will portray Myscal Taylor's expeeriences in the darkest final events of the American Civil War. It takes the reader also through the struggles of the LDS people from 1838-1858. The writer has tried to remain faithful to Taylor family facts as to what has been written about during their Missouri, Nauvoo and Western Migration trials. The protagonist, Myscal, is very nfluenced by his father's (Joseph Taylor) experiences n the Mormon Battalion and the Utah War. The novel refers to these experiences as the young Myscal grows up in the world of struggle and persecution.

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