Elizabeth Patrick's Problem Revisited

We are happy to report that research is continuing about the parentage of Elizabeth's father, John. (See the Autumn, 2002 issue of the Taylor Times -Vol 8 #1) Here is a follow-up letter from Bob Casper, weighing in on the side of Dr. Lee Wellington Patrick's contention that the parents of John Patrick were William Patrick and Elizabeth Ann Stephens. Following it is a letter from Shari Franke, defending the research of Jesse Warner, indicating that the parents of John Patrick were John Sr. and Wymouth___. It seems pretty conclusive that there are two John Patricks here, illustrating a problem something like that of the Taylors - distinguishing between two, or sometimes more, individuals with the same name.

25 February, 2003

Dear Cousins,

I hope this finds you and your families well. I was pleased to see the article on Elizabeth Patrick Taylor in the recent "Taylor Times." I am sorry that there is confusion on her father's, John Patrick, parents. Dr. Lee Wellington Patrick's research indicated William Patrick and Elizabeth Ann Stephens, the other a John Patrick and Wilmouth____, or ______ Wilmouth. I hope what I am sending will not add to the confusion, but explain part of it. I have found Dr. Patrick's book a true guide to the Wills, Land Grants, and Marriages that I have found to date. Dr. Lee W. Patrick's son, Dr. Richard Patrick called me regarding the two books I ordered. To his knowledge, he is not aware of a Patrick Data Base on the Internet. His father's computer has years of research, both here and in the British Isles, as well as floppy discs from Patrick descendants, but at the present time he is unable to work with them. We can be very grateful for Dr. Lee's book, as will many generations be of Shari's Taylor Books. Dr. Patrick was a Naval Officer in World War II.Dr. Richard Patrick shares our common distant Grandfather Hugh Patrick (1678). Our Grandfather Robert Patrick (1705) and his Grandfather Hugh Patrick (1705) were brothers.

Dr. Patrick stated that at least four of Hugh Patrick's sons, and possibly daughters, came to America from Scotland. The sons were Robert, Hugh, William, and John. For simplicity in his lineage chart he identifies them as 1R, 1W, 1 H, and 1J. Those of us who are related to Elizabeth Patrick Taylor descend from Hugh's oldest son Robert end have a 1R prefix. The Virginia Historcal Index has one of the simplest and most complete index of people who may have resided or spent time there. As a "family size gauge" I looked up Wilmouth. Per the enclosed copy, you can see there was only one Wilmouth, but many Wilmots I went to our Clayton Genealogical Library, which has a copy of Dr. Patrick's book, and went page by page, line by line, looking for a Wilmouth, or something similar. I cross-checked every John, William, and Elizabeth. I found only one Wilmot. It was a Jane Wilmot Patrick, born 1835, died 1879, married to E. C. Campbell, and listed on page 54, index 1 This is where the confusion may have come in. Jane was the daughter of Elizabeth Patrick's younger brother Wiley Jones Patrick, born 1802, died 1851, married 1829 to Margaret Shortle Reynolds, second to Reyanna Cox. His Index 1R. 3.1.8. Page 44 shows Elizabeth was the sixth child, Wiley the 8th. Nowhere else in Dr. Patrick's book is the Wilmot name mentioned.Who she was named after may remain one of life's mysteries. If it was Margaret Shortle Reynolds grandmother's maiden name or grandfather's, we don't know. It may have been a favorite aunt's name that stirred Elizabeth Patrick's memory in her later years, but nowhere does Dr. Patrick show a direct tie. Pages 38, 39, 40, 43 and 44 show the lineage from Hugh, Sr., through Robert, through William, through John, through Elizabeth Patrick and William Taylor.

Thanks to Dr. Patrick's guide I was able to find and send you a copy of John Patrick's Will. I do not remember if I sent you a copy of Lancaster Co. PA Deed Abstracts & Revolutionary War Oaths of Allegiance, etc. 1729 through 1770, but am enclosing a copy of it. It showed our grandfather and his brothers where Dr. Patrick said they would be. I have enclosed a copy of Prince George County Land Records 1743-1746, page 61, November 7, 1743, showing "Robert Patrick (1R), his wife Elizabeth, and his son William (1R 3)." This William was the father of John Patrick, Elizabeth's father. (Prince George Co. later became Frederick Co.) Another Maryland book, copy enclosed, referenced William's son Jeremiah and daughter Christena, as does Dr. Patrick's.

I have enclosed copies of Abstract of Deed Books 15-19 of Rowan County, North Carolina 1707-1807. and Abstracts of Deed Books 20-24 of Rowen County. North Carolina 1807-1818, showing John Patrick's father William Patrick, and two of his (John's) brothers William, Jr. and Jeremiah.

I hope all of the above hasn't muddied the waters. I believe that there was a Wilmot somewhere in their history, whether family or: friend, but I have not found a direct blood tie, prior to John Patrick's birth. Eileen mentioned that she would soon be having some experienced help from one of our cousins. That is great. Thank you all again for your hard work our aging relatives in your prayers. I am sure they had a major part in Dr. Patrick's extensive Research.


Bob Casper

Editor's Note: The book Patrick in Retrospect by Dr. Lee Wellington Patrick is available in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, US/CAN Book section, under the call number 929.273 P275pL. (Compiled family histories have been moved to the JSMB, the former Hotel Utah, because of space problems in the Family History Library on West Temple. We believe the archive sheets are there as well.) The book has also been microfilmed, for those who don't live nearby. The Film # is 795996 Item 1.

Shari Franke's support for the John & Wilmouth theory of parentage was expressed in an E-mail of February 1st. The parts that relate to this subject are reproduced here: ...

"...I have done very little research on our Patrick family, but I do have info in my files which Jesse Warner has so kindly shared with me. He did a great deal of research on the Patricks. He is quite certain that it is John Patrick who married Wilmouth ____. ...Here are some of his research notes on that fact.

"Will of John Patrick (1) in 1790, at Waren Co. NC. A Bond was executed by his wife, Wilmouth and his son Lewis to administer his estate in Warren Co. NC. Feb Court. Wilmouth died in 1788, at Warren Co. NC. John Patrick (1) was born ca. 1725, of parish Neherin, Brunswick, VA. He died 1780, at Warren Co, NC ... By the way, John Patrick (1) and Wilmouth had five known sons: (1) our John Patrick, Jr., b. 1755; (2) Luke Patrick, b. ca. 1758; (3) Allen. (I have three known children for them.) (Note: When Reuben Patrick was christened, the godparents were listed as George Randall, Peter Randall and Mary Hill. At time of his marriage to Elizabeth Allen, the Bond was signed by John C. Johnson and George Allen.) (Note from Shari: I'm almost certain the Reuben and Elizabeth moved to Warren Co. KY and I have seen some info on them there.) (4) William Patrick, b. 27 Feb 1763, at Albemarle parish. (Note: At his christening, William Yarbrough, William Hewitt and Olive Randall were listed as godparents. When William married Polly Cole, 13 Jan 1792, at Warren Co. NC, Lewis Patrick (his brother) signed the Bond.) (5) Lewis Patrick, b. ca. 1775, of Albemorle parish."

John Patrick, Jr., bo. 1755, of parish Neherin, Brunswick. VA died Nov. 1816, at Warren Co, KY. Note: He was in Brunswick Co. VA in 1787 when he purchased 270 acres of land in Halifax Co., NC, in Warren Co., in 1793 when he purchased 100 acres of land from Bennett Wood for 100 lbs.

John Patrick Jr. owned many slaves in Warren Co. KY and probably owned many in VA and NC before. He was listed on a Warren Co. deed 19 May 1805, buying property from Andrew McFaddin and Vanly, his wife, 162 acres for 100 lbs on Ray's Branch. I have heard that the Patricks did live at Ray's Branch, which is located north of Bowling Green and south of Richardsville (Shari's notes.) "'

Veldon Hix has agreed to coordinate and follow through on this problem with research in Salt Lake & Idaho. We are forwarding the materials we have to him. Any family members with pertinent materials can contact him at: 163 West 145 North, Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401. E-Mail is veldon.hix@gmail.com.

Does anyone know of a direct male descendant of a brother of our Elizabeth Patrick? If so, it might be very interesting to know whether he is related to the son of the late Dr. Patrick who wrote the Patrick book. There is a Fitzpatrick DNA study in progress & at least one proven link to Patricks. Collen Fitzpatrick, coordinator, would like to invite other Patricks to be tested. See http://www.genealogy.com/genealogy/users/f/i/t/Colleen-Fitzpatrick-CA or contact her at CFitzp@aol.com.

A Final Note: Shari says the Utah State Archives is wrong about the picture of Elizabeth Patrick, shown in the last Taylor Times. It is actually her daughter Louisa Taylor Stout, who looked very much like her. Assignment: Will someone (preferably a descendant of Louisa) undertake to set them straight?

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