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Joining The Association
It is not necessary to join the Taylor Family Association in order to share information through the Taylor Clearing House, but the $15 per year membership dues entitle you to the Taylor Times Newsletter and admittance to our online members section containing research forums, DNA results, newsletter copies and hopefully a live genealogy section soon.  Membership is more likely to interest you if you have a known or speculated relationship to the Joseph Taylor Sr family. Click To Join
TaylorTimes Newsletter Keeps You Up To Date
The Taylor Times:
Our family newsletter comes out four times yearly. It keeps family members up-to-date on:

Taylor and Related Research. (Don't miss what we have this next issue!)
Progress on the New Edition of the Taylor Book
Reunions Coming Up
Restoration and Memorial Projects
Who's Doing What

We publish the findings of the Taylor Clearing House concerning individuals who are thought to be related or connected in some way with our family. We do not post queries for Taylors in general, nor do we accept advertising.

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