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Saunders, James Edward 1913-2000
Schenck, Rhoda Ann 1915-2000
Scott, Julia 1926-2000
Searle, Dorothy 1915-2000
Shurtliff, Jane Narcissus 1840-1924
Shurtliff, Mary Eliza 1832-1914
Slater, Arnold Ianthus 1914-2000
Smart, Wiley 1789-1855
Smith, Elizabeth 1822-1891
Smith, Margaret B ("Maggie") 1860-
Smith, Scott R 1979-2001
Spencer, Benjamin Wand 1859-1933
Stahl, Benjamin Price 1834-1900
Stanford, Alfred Roy 1890-1918
Stanford, Delbert 1892-1921
Stanford, Eva Delilah 1897-1982
Stanford, Laura Blanche 1910-1993
Stout, Hosea 1810-1889
Swanson, Julie Lynn 1958-2000
James Edward Saunders (1913-2000)
James Edward Saunders (1913-2000)

Ed was born 14 Sep 1913 in Ogden, Weber County, Utah to Edward T. Saunders and Marcia Ann Slater Saunders, the first of twelve children. J. Edward was a grandson of James Alma Slater and Mary Elizabeth Allred who was the daughter of John Allen Allred & Mary Jane Knight. John Allen was the son of Isaac Alked & Julia Ann Taylor.

He married Sarah Erma Read 14 Sep 1934. Ed moved his young family from Ogden to Redondo Beach, CA to work for Douglas Aircraft. He moved back to Ogden when he retired in 1976.

After the death of his wife Erma in 1983, Ed married Leone Hilton in 1993, but they were later divorced.

Ed died 16 Aug 2000. He was survived by three daughters, 2 sons, 23 grandchildren and 43 great-grandchildren. Burial was in the Ogden City Cemetery 21 Aug 2000.