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Lake, Clarissa (Clara) 1828-1900
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Lake, Philomela 1853-1931
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Lamastus, Bedford M 1826-1900
Lamastus, Fannie Belle 1872-1953
Lamastus, Glen M 1938-2000
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Pleasant Green Taylor (1827-1917)
Pleasant Green Taylor (1827-1917)
& Clarissa (Clara) Lake (1828-1900), Mary Eliza Shurtliff (1832-1914),
Jane Narcissus Shurtliff (1840-1924) & Sarah Jane Marler (1834-1927)

from "Family History of the Joseph Taylor, Jr. & Sarah Best Family"
by Shari H. Franke

Pleasant Green Taylor was born 8 February 1827, near Richardsville, Warren, Kentucky. He was about three years old when his parents, brothers and sisters moved to Monroe County, Missouri. His parents joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints there, probably in the Spring of 1832. The family moved to Fishing River, Ray County, Missouri, in the Fall of 1833. They bought two good farms there and remained until the Fall of 1834. At this time on acccount of persecution they were compelled to leave that home, for which William Taylor received nothing, and was also robbed of $500. cash. They next settled on Long Creek, 8 miles south of Far West, Clay, Missouri. At this place, William Taylor bought 320 acres of land in the Fall of 1835. They remained here until the Spring of 1839.

Pleasant Green and his family knew the Prophet Joseph Smith and loved him. On the Bth of February, 1839, the family again left their home. They received nothing for their farm or improvements, but an old neck harness valued at $2.50. They shared in all the trials and persecutions through which the Saints had to pass at this time in being expelled from their homes and the State of Missouri by order of Governor Lilburn Boggs. They journeyed hundreds of miles in very bad weather. Pleasant Green was only 12 years old when he lost his dear father. William died 9 September 1839, on the road between Lima and Warsaw, Hancock, Illinois. William never got to see Nauvoo. William's death, placed a heavy burden on Pleasant Green and the other boys, who felt the responsibility to care for their mother and sisters.

When the family arrived at Nauvoo, they did not have the means to purchase a farm so they rented the farm of Winslow Farr, and had a share-of his crop. They continued to work and live at this place for three years. Pleasant Green and his other brothers also labored on the Nauvoo Temple. He was a member of the Nauvoo Legion; also a member of the police force of the city, and he often stood guard around the house of the Prophet Joseph Smith at night.

Pleasant Green said he well remembered the feelings of the Saints when the Prophet Joseph left Nauvoo to go to Carthage and the next morning after Joseph and Hyrum were martyred, saw the first messenger bearing news of the tragedy. He went to Nauvoo the following day and took his mother and sister Sarah to Carthage and saw the jail in which they were confined. Also saw blood upon the floor. Was present when the bodies of the martyrs were brought to Nauvoo.

Once again the family was expelled, this time from the State of Illinois. On 8 February 1846, they crossed the Mississippi River on the ice and camped on Sugar Creek. The pioneers had to make way-stations along the way--such as Garden Grove and Mt. Pisgah. Pleasant Green helped to build cabins, fences and plant crops at these places. On 2 February 1847, Pleasant Green married (1) Clarissa Lake, at Mt. Pisgah, Union, Iowa. They finally were able to go to the Salt Lake Valley in the Spring of 1850. They arrived in the Valley on 5 September 1850. Pleasant Green was surprised to find his brother Allen Taylor collecting toll at the toll road at the mouth of Parley's Canyon, Salt Lake City!

They lived first at Hoyte Creek in Kaysville, Davis, Utah. In the Fall of 1851, they came to Weber County and settled at Harrisville, Weber, Utah. (Harrisville is just a small community north of Ogden.) Here he lived for the rest of his life. He was a farmer, and was also elected as constable of Ogden. He was elected Captain of the Police Force, and Captain of 75 men, called "Minutemen". He took 12 men and destroyed the first two saloons ever in Ogden.

On 15 November 1871, he started on an L.D.S. mission to Kentucky. He told in his Journal about visiting his aged Uncle Allen Taylor there and many other kinfolk. When he returned home in 1872, he and his daughter, Amanda Helvina Taylor Marler, took the names of 'his kin which he gathered in Kentucky, and went to the Endowment House in Salt Lake City. There they performed the temple work for many relatives. This has helped the family to know many names of our ancestors. Pleasant Green married (2) 5 July 1853, Mary Eliza Sburtliff, at Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah. He married (3) 6 April 1857, Jane Narcissus Shurtliff, at Salt Lake City. (She and Mary Eliza were sisters.) He married (4) 20 June 1858, Sarah Jane Marler (Lake), who was the widow of Pleasant Green's brother-in-law, William Bailey Lake, at Provo, Utah, Utah.

Pleasant Green Taylor and William Bailey Lake were called on a special L.D.S. Mission to go to the Salmon River country in Idaho, to preach to the Indians. William Bailey Lake was scalped and killed by the Indians. Brigham Young suggested to Pleasant Green that he should marry Bailey's widow.

On 1 May 1878, his barn and sheds were set on fire and burned to the ground by his two youngest sons, William H. and Walter, aged four and five years old. Loss was estimated at $1,500. No insurance.

Pleasant Green Taylor was the Bishop of the Harrisville Ward for many years. After he was released, he was made the Patriarch. He remained in good health most of his days, although he was very hard of hearing. It was said that they could hear him preaching from the pulpit clear down the block.

Pleasant Green Taylor died 16 May 1917, at Harrisville, Weber, Utah, at the age of 90 years. He was buried at the Ogden City Cemetery.

Clarissa (Clara) Lake was born 17 December 1828, at Ernestown, Ontario, Canada. She was the daughter of James Lake and Philomela Smith. Her family joined the L.D.S. Church in Canada, and moved to Kirtland, Ohio soon afterwards. They went through the persecutions of the L.D.S. and finally came to the Salt Lake Valley. It is said tnat as soon as Pleasant Green saw Clara driving her covered wagon with her pretty sun-bonnet on, he knew she was the girl for him. Clara was a lovely wife and mother. She supported her husband in all that he did. Clara died 15 June 1900, at Harrisville, Weber, Utah. She was buried at the Ogden City Cemetery, Ogden, Weber, Utah.

Pleasant Green Taylor and Clarissa Lake's children were: Harvey Green, Levi James, Alfred William, Clara Elizabeth, Julia Ann, Lydia Almeda, Pleasant Green Jr., Amasa Lyman, Joseph Lake, Warren Chancy and David Riley.

Mary Eliza Shurtliff was born 25 December 1832, at Sullivan, Portage, Ohio. She was the daughter of Luman Andrus Shurtliff and Eunice Baggs Gaylord. Mary's family joined the L.D.S. Church and moved to Kirtland, Ohio. Persecution forced them to move many times. They finally arrived in the Great Salt Lake Valley. Mary was very skilled as a dressmaker--a skill she used all her life. She was loved by all, and was always very optimistic. She and Clara Lake were the closest of friends. In fact it was Clara's request before she died, that she die in the arms of Mary Eliza. Mary Eliza died 10 October 1914, at Rigby, Jefferson, Idaho. She was buried at the Ogden City Cemetery, Ogden, Weber, Utah.

Pleasant Green Taylor and Mary Eliza Shurtliff's children were: Amanda Melvina, Eunice Eliza, Lewis Warren, Luman Green, Joseph Albert, Elcemina, Mary Ann, Laura Aner and Lucy Ada.

Pleasant Green and Jane Shurtliff FamilyJane Narcissus Shurtliff was born 29 September 1840, at Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois. She was the daughter of Luman Andrus Shurtliff and Eunice Bagg Gaylord. Jane was only five years old when her mother died, leaving six children. Time's were very hard for her family from then on. On 10 May 1851, they started for the Salt Lake Valley. They arrived there 23 September 1851 after a very hard journey. In the late summer of 1853, they moved north to Bingham's Fort in Weber County. This is where Jane first met Pleasant Green Taylor. On 25 April 1857, Jane accompanied her husband back to the Salmon River Mission, where he and other men had labored for some time. She went through some hard experiences and had some frightening times with the Indians. Her first baby was born in a covered wagon with the wind blowing so hard that some of the men had to hold tight to the wagon cover to keep it from blowing away. The Taylor family made their home in Harrisville, Weber, Utah. Jane was a good mother and housekeeper. Her husband was very proud to bring the brethren of the L.D.S. Church there for dinner, for her house was spick and span and there was always good food to eat. After a long illness, Jane.Narcissus Shurtliff Taylor died at the home of her daughter Elizabeth Jane Taylor McEntire at Rexburg, Madison, Idaho, 10 April 1924. She was buried at the Ogden City cemetery, Ogden, Weber, Utah.

Pleasant Green Taylor and Jane Narcissus Shurtliff's children were: John Emerson, Nephi Fernando, Green, Elizabeth Jane, Lydia Emeline, Orson Shurtliff and William Heber,

Sarah Jane Marler was born 12 November 1834, at Port Gibson, Claiborn, Mississippi. She was the daughter of Allen Marler and Harriet Heath. Her parents became converts to the Mormon Faith in 1845. When they heard the Saints were moving to the Rocky Mountains, they began to make plans to join them. Cholera broke out along the way, and all of the Marler family except Sarah Jane contracted it. She was only 15 years of age, and nursed and cared for all of her family. Her father, three sisters and two cousins all died.

They met the James Lake family in Omaha, Nebraska. It was here that she met her future husband, William Bailey Lake. Both families arrived in the Valley in early October of 1850.On 24 December 1850, Sarah Jane Marler was married to William Bailey Lake. They lived in North Ogden. Four children were born to them: Mary, Philomela, Sarah and William Bailey Jr.

Bailey Lake was called to go on a mission to the Lemhi Indians in northern Idaho. Bailey Lake was scalped and killed by the Indians, 31 March 1858 at Bannock Creek, Oneida, Idaho. His body was brought home to his sorrowing widow and four young children. Pleasant Green Taylor had married Bailey's sister Clara Lake. Brigham Young asked Pleasant Green if he would marry Bailey's widow, Sarah Jane Marler Lake, and take care of her and her four children. So Pleasant Green and Sarah Jane were married 20 June 1858. Pleasant Green always treated Sarah's four children as his own, and he and Sarah Jane had six children in addition: George Allen, Josiah Loran, Eliza Ann, Loren Green, Alexander and Walter .

Sarah Jane shared the worries and troubles of all of her loved ones. She helped to raise several grandchildren, when one of her children died young. Even at the advanced age of 80 years, she helped share the burden of their work. She never seemed depressed and was always cheerful and optimistic. At 87 years, she fell and broke her hip. She recovered and was able to walk again without a cane. She even danced a jig on her 93rd birthday! Sarah Jane died 18 March 1927, at Harrisville, Weber, Utah. She was buried in the North Ogden Cemetery near her first husband, William Bailey Lake.

Pleasant Green Taylor had a total of 37 children by his four wives.

Family of Pleasant Green Taylor (1827-1917)

2.7 Mary Ann4.1 Mary Jane Lake1.3 Alfred William4 Sarah Jane Marler Lake2 Mary Eliza ShurtliffPleasant Green Taylor1 Clarissa "Clara" Lake3 Jane Shurtliff3.1 John Emerson2.8 Laura Aner1.11 David Riley 4.9 Alexander3.7 William Heber4.3 Sarah Lake1.8 Amesa Lyman2.1 Amanda Melvina1.2 Levi James1.1 Harvey Green1.5 Julia Ann4.6 Josiah1.6 Lydia Almeda3.3 Green1.9 Joseph Lake 2.9 Lucy Ada4.10 Walter4.7 Eliza Ann3.6 Orson Shurtliff3.4 Elizabeth Jane2.4 Luman Green4.2 Philomela Lake 2.5 Joseph Albert 4.4 William Bailey

Clarissa "Clara" Lake
Mary Eliza Shurtliff
Jane Narcissis Shurtliff
Sarah Jane Marler
Harvey Green (1849-1931) Amanda Melvina (1854-1929) John Emerson (1858-1954) Mary Jane Lake  (1851-1939)*
Levi James (1851-1935) Eunice Eliza (1856-1856) Nephi Fernando (1860-1864) Philomela Lake (1853-1931)*
Alfred William (1853-1924) Lewis Warren (1857-1857) Green  (1862-1951) Sarah Lake (1855-1938)*
Clara Elizabeth (1855-1855) Luman Green (1859-1937) Elizabeth Jane (1865-1967) William Bailey Lake (1857-1954)*
Julia Ann (1857-1925) Joseph Albert (1861-1953) Lydia Emaline (1868-1885) George Allen  (1859-1878)
Lydia Almeda (1859-1935) Elcemina (1863-1864) Orson Shurtliff (1870-1954) Josiah Loran (1861-1907)
Pleasant Green Jr. (1861-1861) Mary Ann (1866-1918) William Heber (1873-1955) Eliza Ann (1864-1932)
Amesa Lyman (1862-1936) Laura Aner (1871-1906)   Lorin Green (1866-1874)
Joseph Lake (1864-1939) Lucy Ada (1873-1952)   Alexander (1869-1939)
Warren Chancy (1866-1892)     Walter (1874-1954)
David Riley (1869-1935)    
*Child of Sarah Jane Marler and William Bailey Lake

See Pleasant Green's Journal