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Garner, Lawrence A 1916-2000
Goode, Martha Jane 1843-1888
Green, Martha -
Greenwell, Lewis Hammon 1919-2000
Gregory, Leslie Albiston 1904-1970
Gunnarson, David Spencer 1913-2000
Lawrence A. Garner (1916-2000)
Lawrence A. Garner (1916-2000)

Lawrence was born in West Point on 17 May 1916, son of Lawrence Abirah and Nancy Bennett Garner. Lawrence's father died just before he was born. His mother raised Lawrence with the help of his Grandpa and Grandma Bennett, who treated him like a son. When he was 12 years old his mother remarried and they moved to Porterville, Morgan County UT. On 31 Aug 1934, Lawrence married his high school sweetheart, Adair Olsen in Milton UT. They moved to West Point and bought a farm, where he lived and farmed the land for 63 years. He often said "I have everything I ever needed right here on this corner and sense enough to enjoy it." Lawrence and his wife celebrated their 66th Wedding Anniversary this year (2000). He worked at Defense Depot Ogden where he retired after 31 years. He enjoyed hunting, fishing and camping with his family and close friends.

Lawrence served on the Planning Commission in West Point. He was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He worked very hard all of his life providing for his family. He was an accomplished handyman with many skills, which he passed on to his posterity.

He passed away 2 Dec 2000 in West Point UT. He had two sons, eight grandchildren, and 12 great grand-childrenat the time. Burial 9 Dec 2000 at West Point Cemetery.

Lawrence was a grandson of George Riley Bennett & Mary Ann King. George was the son of George Bennett & Nancy Melvina Taylor, daughter of Allen Taylor & Sarah Lovisa Allred.