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Davenport, Shadrack Gorin 1829-1897
Davis, Marlene E 1931-2001
Desler, Anna Marie 1892-1977
Durney, Fay 1925-2000
Sarah Best Taylor (1830-1926)
Sarah Best Taylor (1830-1926)
& Shadrack Gorin "Pete" Davenport (1829-1897)

From “Family History of the Joseph Taylor, Jr. and Sarah Best Family”
By Shari H. Franke

Sarah Best Taylor, was born 14 May 1830 near Richardsville, Warren, Kentucky. Sarah Best was the fifth child of Joseph Beat Taylor and Polly Ann Hudnall.

She married 11 January 1851, Shadrack Gorin "Pete" Davenport at Warren County, Kentucky. He was born 8 October 1829 at Warren County, Kentucky, the son of Fortunatus Pope Davenport and Martha Moore.

Sarah Best was a spinner and weaver, in addition to taking care of her large family. Some of the fabric that she wove has been saved by the family. She was also a midwife like her mother. Mora Young Ferguson said that Sarah Best Taylor Davenport helped Dr. John LaRue Taylor bring her into the world. Sarah Best was in attendance at the 1909 Taylor Family Reunion at Richardsville, Warren, Kentucky.

Shadrack was captured by the Confederates during the Civil War, then returned to farming after the war. He was also a soldier for the 11th Kentucky Infantry, Company G, and was listed as a musician.

He died 30 January 1897 at Warren County, Kentucky and was buried at the Green River Union Cemetery.

She died 12 October 1926 at Butler County, Kentucky and was also buried at the Green River Union Cemetery, Warren, Kentucky.

Shadrack Gorin Davenport and Sarah Best Taylor's children were: William A., Joseph Fortunatus, Mary H., George Washington, Matilda Frances, James H. and Mattie B. Davenport.