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Taylor Family Association (TFA)
Brief News

TFA Database: The private database continues to grow.  There is currently over 276,000 individuals identified, living and dead, in the database.  But we estimate there is less than 50% of the current living descendants documented.

A extract of the deceased only is available on the website.  Contact Ron Taylor (link) the database manager for other inquiries.

We use a branch SLICER model to manage and gather information on branches of the tree.  You are welcome to join this special TFA group contact Gordon Taylor (link)

TFA – Administration, Collaboration and Training
TFA hosts weekly a Google Hangout on Sat AM.  You are welcome to join the board members and friends.  To be part of the live session, contact Gordon Taylor (Link) for invite to join a few day ahead or  follow the live streaming.

TFA YouTube Channel
Many of the Hangout are recorded and posted on the TFA YouTube channel TFAPres. The Videos include discuss of TFA policies or LFT applications for TFA members.

Legacy Family Tree (LFT)
Brief News: LFT provides members of TFA a 25% discount on all software and certain other products.
Contact Gordon Taylor (LINK) for coupon code.

The TFA uses Legacy Family Tree to manage the master database.  LFT personal software has outstanding analysis capability and date stamping of transaction for easy in integration of member data files.

TFA endorses the use of LFT for all our members

FamilySearch (FS) and TFA
TFA Branch Slicers are ask to monitor FS for new information and accuracy of their branch of the family and report problems.

TFA encourages all members to use the “Watch” feature and collaboration capability of FS to monitor changes in their pedigree files.

TFA board members meet at least annually with the FS developer’s to discuss issues of mutual interest.
You are welcome to provide input for their discussions.