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Farr West Road Show Information

"It’s About the Dash”

Joseph Taylor Sr. Family Association 2014 Reunion and Workshops
June 20 and 21, 2014
Farr West LDS Meeting House - 1800 North and 1800 West, Farr West, UT
(Click on the green links for the handouts.)

Coloring Book


Friday, June 20

12:00 noon

Check-in and walk-in registrations
You will receive a packet including instructions for your self-guided tour of Farr West and the Ogden Cemetery
Lobby, Farr West First Ward


Farr West Road Tour (10.3mb pdf)

  • Drive around Farr West Area to see ancestors' homes and read stories about the houses and the lives of their inhabitants. (Note: houses will not be open to visitors.)
  • Drive to the Ogden Cemetery and locate graves of early Taylors: Elizabeth Patrick Taylor, Joseph Taylor (Mormon Battalion Joseph), Pleasant Green Taylor, etc.

Or Visit with others at the wardhouse (the site was originally Taylor farm land).

6:00 pm Return to Farr West wardhouse for socializing
6:30 pm Dinner (provided by Maddox Ranch House)

7:15 - 8:00 pm


After dinner: Remembering with Brian Taylor (age 93) and Eldred Stephenson (age 102), who will share early memories of the Taylor clan. Brian and Eldred are first cousins, both grandsons of William Andrew Taylor who was the first bishop of the Farr West Ward and son of the Mormon Battalion Joseph Taylor, who was the 8th child of William Taylor and Elizabeth Patrick. And William was the 4th child and eldest son of Joseph Taylor Jr. and Sarah Best. (Little pedigree refresher there....)

Saturday, June 21

9:00 am

Welcome! "It's About the Dash"

12:00 noon

Lunch Break (Sack lunch you pre-ordered or your own that you brought)

Story Recording Booth will also be available

1:00 pm
  • Did you know my....? Brian Taylor and Eldred Stephenson will answer questions about relatives long ago.
  • Memory Moments - Story Recording Booth.
  • Sorting Sources and Events from PAF Notes
  • Legacy Family Tree Basics/how to record events and multi-media
2:00 pm
  • Creating Histories and Sketches
  • Using Mobile Phones to record life events
  • Gold in old Family Group Sheets
  • Legacy Family Tree/how to do reports, etc.
3:00 pm
  • Memory Moments - Story Recording Booth
  • Taylor Family Association and LDS Church website FamilySearch - policies and issues
  • Legacy Family Tree lab - how to slice, merge, etc. (Bring your laptop with Legacy Family Tree 8.0 software.)
  • Making Family History Fun for Families:
    • Activities teens will love
    • Activities for little kids
    • Tying Christ's teachings to Taylor historical events
4:00 pm
  • Family History Fun - cont'd from 3:00pm, Sources for puzzles, games, art to adapt to
    Taylor history, plus more. (Gordon says this Family Fun topic will be the "hootenest fun thing".)
  • Memory Moments - Story Recording Booth
  • Family Collaboration Ideas - tools available on the internet and elsewhere
  • I Have a Data Question???