Click on the link above to get on the Taylor Association website.  Most sections of the website are available to the public.  However, due to security reasons, the Taylor Times is only accessible through the Member Section.  The link to the Member Section is located on the left column at the bottom.  Click on this link

Clicking on this link will bring you to the following page:

If you are NOT a registered TA member, you will need to click on Join Here and set up your account.  

If you are a registered TA member and you have NEVER had a password before, click in the email box and type in your email address.  Click on Submit.  (If you have had a password, you may need to follow these instructions anyway to reestablish your login credentials.)  I will add a methodology for bookmarking your Member Section page which will save you headaches in the future.  

You will see the following page saying that “You must update your password.  An email has been sent with a temporary password and a link to reset your password.  Click the link and enter a new password.”  

Go to your email account, open up the email that was sent to you from, click on the link that was included in the email, Click Here To Reset Password.  You will get the following screen.  Type in your email.  Use the temporary password in the appropriate box, type in a new password according to the suggested parameters.  Click on Submit.  

You will then see this page.

Click on the link to Go To Member Section.  You are IN!!

Now you must Bookmark this page in order to more easily access it in the future.  If you don’t bookmark this page, you will have to go through this process every time.  

If you are using Chrome, bookmarking is simple.  In the URL address box, click on the empty star to the right of the URL.

You will get a popup that says:

Bookmark added:






In this popup, you can name the bookmark anything you want.  You can also place the bookmark in a specific folder in your bookmarks menu.  By clicking on More, you can choose an already existing folder or even make a new one.  Done indicates that you have finished making this bookmark.  Remove deletes the bookmark from your bookmarks menu.  

Other browsers have similar methods of bookmarking websites for easy access, many involve the same “star” in the URL address box.  

I place my bookmark called Taylor Family Association Member Page in a Bookmark folder titled “Taylor Family”.  

The next time you want to access the Member Section of the, just click on the bookmark and you are instantly taken to the welcome screen for the Members Only Section.